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  • Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

    I am so proud to be offering one of the only PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIOS in Hervey Bay.

    I believe that all women deserve the opportunity to exercise in comfort and privacy if they wish, with out the feeling of being intimidated or judged.

    *Strength Training
    *Weight Loss
    *No big noisy gym
    *No intimidation
    *No waiting for equipment
    *No Gym Membership Fees

    Jodie x

My WHY – Hervey Bay Personal Trainer

I was asked recently by a client what is my ‘why’?

Patti Williams Health Coach bought up this subject during her recent talk at the studio and so this started the ladies thinking what was their why.

Over the years my why has changed and evolved.  My original why 7 years ago was simply to loose the weight I had put on over the years since having my son and getting back to the clothing size and weight I was before I became pregnant.

My why now, 7 years on is totally different and I think this comes with time, life experiences and discovering who I am as a woman in her 30’s (now heading into her 40’s).

My WHY  I exercise/weight train is simply because I LOVE IT!  Yes I do.  I love feeling strong, I love lifting heavy weights up of the ground, I love being challenged and smashing those challenges and knowing that I am capable of doing so because of this weight training journey I have been on over the last 7 years.  I feel confident and capable.  I can carry my own.   I love that I look strong, I love muscles and the shape they give me.  I just LOVE IT!Now there is another why……………. the why that makes me not give up, that makes me push through, the reason I do those extra reps and finish what I started.  The why that reminds me to ‘pull my shit together’ and get it done………………
This why is my niece, Emily Grace.

She is my super hero and always will be.  3 years into my fitness journey I fell in love with the training.  But I mentally would still give in and whinge about how hard it was and wanted to give up when my heart was beating and I was puffing and muscles hurting.  4 years ago, my niece was born with half a heart.  At 48hrs of age she had her first open heart surgery and was in hospital in Sydney for around 4/5 weeks.  She then was flown to Brisbane and spent the first 6 months of her life in hospital.

I was there.  I spent those first two weeks of her life in Sydney documenting her life, just in case…………. What I was not prepared for, was that she wouldn’t be the only one.  There was other newborn babies, just like her.


When I came back from that trip, I was different.  I didn’t whinge about how hard the training was, I welcomed it.  I took it head on and finished it.  Something in my head just clicked.  My mindset had changed.

When I think about giving up, I remind myself about all that Emily had to endure in her first 6 months of life and tell myself to ‘pull my shit together’  Seriously!  Here I am complaining that I’m puffing and my muscles hurt……. Emily had to have open heart surgery at 2 days old!   I’m the adult here, am I not suppose to be the strong one?  She can live, run, jump, love life with only half a heart, yet I have a whole one.  What is stopping me from doing the things that I need to do?  Life perspective.

This is my why.  why not.

Forever Body – Hervey Bay Fitness

I admire the woman in the first photo. This woman through her own fears, found the strength to change her life. She was tempted with years of habitual eating of fast food, junk food, chocolate for breakfast, and many packets of lollies and chips for desert. She said NO to most of it and over time, decided that she didn’t need that type of food in her life anymore. When she ‘failed’ she picked herself back up and continued on as failure is her greatest fear. She was determined and committed to herself and the journey she was now on. She struggled physically and battled mentally with thoughts to give in.

This woman, despite reaching her initial weight loss goal, continued on. She was in this for life.
She is determined, strong, faithful, honest, brave, she is committed to her word, her body, her journey, she made her physical and mental health a priority.

This is not a “before” picture, this is me. I am proud of this woman, she was the one that was brave enough to make a change and did not give up on herself. This is the woman that deserves the recognition and praise for the second photo. She did all the hard work

BOOTY EXERCISE VIDEO – Hervey Bay Booty Building

New Glute Exercise Here In The Studio
This one I’ve called “Around The World”

Get out your bands, place around your knees or ankles for more resistance and while pivoting on one heel (must be the heel) use the other leg to place tension on the band by stepping out and backwards slightly on the heel (must be the heel).
Keep moving around in a circle motion while pivoting. Aim for 15-20 controlled pivots per foot.
Tip: Make sure you are also tensing your glutes the whole time. If you are not feeling the burn then you may need to use a tighter band and slow down a little or remind your self to put all your weight into your heels.

Unique – Mindset, Self Awareness, Hervey Bay


“You are not like everyone else. You were born unique and you will die unique.
Your uniqueness in life means you have no choice but to find your own path.
Because you are unique means you will never find happiness living someone else’s dream. You were born in spirit and intelligence to seek your own way and to create your own journey living your dreams, chasing your goals and living up to your unique talent.
We become trapped and lose our own essence of who we could be in life when we give up our life to carry others. If you want to be all you can be in life, then start with yourself. If you are not happy, why would you believe for a second you could ever help someone else be happy? Want to spend your life serving others? Then start with yourself, because if you can’t carry your own load as you will be worthless trying to get someone else to carry his.
There has never been anyone born like you, and when you are gone, there will never another like you, so why not understand now that you are special in this world and why not celebrate everyday finding out how far in life you can take your own unique self?
Sadly, most of the world resents anyone trying to live his own journey. There are people who spend their lives trying to force the rest of the world to be exactly like themselves, mirroring their beliefs, their values and their lives; but then there is you, the one strong enough to realize there is no one in the world ever like you and all that resentment against you finding your own unique self just makes you stronger.
Being you is unique. Celebrate you, quirks, insecurities, strengths and all, because the world is a better place when you are happily chasing your own dreams.”

Thomas Plummer