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  • Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

    I am so proud to be offering one of the only PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIOS in Hervey Bay.

    I believe that all women deserve the opportunity to exercise in comfort and privacy if they wish, with out the feeling of being intimidated or judged.

    *Strength Training
    *Weight Loss
    *No big noisy gym
    *No intimidation
    *No waiting for equipment
    *No Gym Membership Fees

    Jodie x

Hydration – Hervey Bay Personal Trainer

Hydration by Brooke from It’s All Good, Natural Therapies.


Adequate hydration is one of the most important keys to optimal health and wellness!
It also happens to be something that is often overlooked.

Did you know that the amount of liquid required each day depends on YOUR individual weight?

Did you know the activities you partake in affect the amount of liquid you require each day?

Well you do now!

Let’s start by establishing what is included in the term ‘liquid’
i.e. things you drink that provide hydration:
– Water (crazy right?!)
– Herbal Teas
– Vegetable Juices
– Fruit Juices – these should be considered a ‘treat’ though and not consumed everyday as they are high in sugar (even those without added sugar- have a look on the back and you’ll see). Eating whole fruit is our best option for obtaining the vitamins and minerals we need! If you are going to drink fruit juice water it down slightly and/or choose those with NO added sugar, or any of the other nasties commonly hidden in them. My suggestion is ‘Noah’s – Creative Juices’. They’re delicious!

Soft drinks, energy drinks and alcohol DO NOT count towards your required amount of liquid, and as I’m sure you’re aware, should not be consumed regularly or excessively. We’re all guilty of the occasional binge though…and that’s ok.

Right. So HOW MUCH do we actually need?
As a general rule we need 0.033L of liquid per kg of body weight per day- this does not take into account sweating, physical activity or alcohol consumption, all of which increase our liquid needs.

KG x 0.033L = L/day required

Here’s some examples:
55kg: 55×0.033= 1.8L/day
65kg: 65×0.033= 2.1L/day
75kg: 75×0.033= 2.5L/day
95kg: 95×0.033= 3.1L/day

1L in for every 1L you sweat out
1 glass of water in for every glass of alcohol

TIP: If you’re sweating excessively, you haven’t reached your target intake, have been throwing up/suffering diarrhea or are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol have a re hydration sachet mixed with water. This will help to re-establish your electrolyte balance and aid in the prevention of dehydration. I often have one at least once a week, especially after a big work out or before/after a big night.


Benefits of Small Group Personal Training – Hervey Bay Fitness

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training

Whether you’re new to exercise and not sure where to start or an exercise veteran who needs an extra boost of motivation – working with a personal trainer is a great way to achieve your results.

Small group training has become very popular in recent times. Exercising with other women offers a number of benefits besides being an affordable option compared to one on one personal training.

1. FUN! – if you don’t like exercise, then you may be surprised by how much fun it is with other like minded women who are cheering you on during your workout.
2. SAFE – having a personal trainer watching over you and correcting your form is worth the investment to avoid injury and mistakes by lifting without correct knowledge of technique on your own.
3. MOTIVATION – People who exercised with someone they thought was better than them worked out up to 200 percent harder and longer than others, found researchers from Kansas State University.
4. ACCOUNTABILITY – Exercising with a friend keeps you committed and accountable even when you are too tired to think. Knowing you have a friend there keeps you motivated and accountable to showing up to each of your sessions.
5. GOALS ACHIEVED – This goes along with the two previous points: when you’re being consistent and pushing yourself harder, your performance will improve faster than when you’re only exercising sporadically and slacking off.

Working out alongside other people on the same health and fitness journey provides additional SUPPORT, MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION that you need to achieve your goals.

FIT IN 30 – small group personal training Hervey Bay


It’s already half January and the kids are back to school next week! Christmas was only 4 weeks ago yet so much has happened already in this new year.

We have some exciting things happening here at the studio that I wanted to keep you updated.

In November and December 2016 we trialed out FIT IN 30 outdoor sessions which are held at 2pm for school mums, shift workers, business women etc. After the last few weeks and the heat waves we have had, I have chosen to bring these sessions inside into the AIR CONDITIONING!

Due to this I am now changing these sessions to small group personal training, taking only 6 women per session. These are still held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 2pm but now inside our PRIVATE STUDIO.

These sessions are $20/session and will be booked in school term blocks. This means that you are committed to a 10 week block at a time. I have attached a flyer with more information for you to read.

If you are looking for some personal training but at a fraction of the price of one on one personal training, then this is a great affordable option. Training with other like minded women who will offer you support, motivation and accountability. Sessions are starting on the 1st February so I am taking bookings now for these sessions.  For more information and to book, please email at


Till next time, keep moving towards your fitness and health goals x


Sautéed Chicken Thighs with Garlic, Red Wine, and Rosemary – Hervey Bay Personal Trainer

Sautéed Chicken Thighs with Garlic, Red Wine, and Rosemary
Serve the chicken with a nice crisp salad.

• 2 Tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 12 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
• 3 garlic cloves, minced or passed through a garlic press
• 1 cup medium body red wine
• 1 cup chicken stock
• 1 28 oz. can crushed tomatoes (San Marzano if possible)
• 1 ½ tsp. fresh chopped rosemary or ¾ tsp. dried
• ¼ cup fresh flat leaf Italian parsley or 1 Tbsp. dried

Preheat Oven to 350°. In an oven safe sauté pan, on medium heat, put olive oil and chicken in one layer and cook until slightly golden. (Repeat, if necessary). Lower heat and remove chicken from the pan. Add garlic, and cook for 10 seconds. Do not let the garlic burn. Add the wine and bring to a boil, scraping up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan. Add the broth. Simmer for 5 minutes and let the liquid reduce by 1/3.
Return the chicken to the pan, along with any juices. Add the crushed tomatoes, rosemary and parsley.
Place pan in preheated oven and cook for approximately 30 minutes until chicken is done and tender.
Check for seasoning. If you like, add Kosher or Sea Salt, optional.

Compliments of Eileen Forte and Paleo Simplified.


Body Shapes – Jodie Litzow Personal Trainer



The shape of women’s bodies are determined by a number of factors: what we eat (and don’t), how we move, environmental inputs, our hormonal environment and genetics.

What is fascinating is that by looking at the shape of a woman’s body, we may begin to decipher clues about what hormonal influences may be prevalent. From there, we can harness the power of lifestyle (with nutrition, movement, exercise, sleep, leisire/relaxation & supplementation) for support.

Do you fit in any of the following categories?

Apple shape/Cortisol dominance: apple shapes tend to carry weight in the middle, while the arms and legs remain skinny.

High, unopposed cortisol will strip muscle in the periphery (arms/legs) and deposit fat in the middle.

If insulin is high as well, the look can become quite puffy, as if there is a layer of water underneath the skin.

Women in this category would do well to add in weight training to raise HGH and testosterone, both of which will oppose cortisol.

Daily walks in nature also blunt the effects of cortisol.

In those for whom high insulin may also be an issue, watching carbohydrate consumption will be key.

Pear shape/Estrogen dominance: pear shapes carry weight in the lower body (glutes/hips/legs). In these areas, estrogen receptors are quite rich. Women also have a lot of alpha adrenergic receptors on fat cells in this area. Alpha receptors make us “accumulate” fat, while the beta receptors help us “burn” fat.

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts and book choi help the body clear estrogen, as do seemingly random foods like lemon and egg yolk.

Dealing with any issues of constipation helps to clear out excess estrogen.

String bean shape/catecholamine dominance: women who tend to be “thin all over”/sugar burner tend to be dominant in stress hormones adrenaline/noradrenaline. These women may have a very hard time putting on muscle, because the catecholamines simply burn it off. Le sigh.

For these ladies, appropriate stress decompression and sleep is key, along with shifting exercise from medium intensity/medium to long duration/endurance work to heavy weights, with perhaps some quick sprints sprinkled in.

Addressing sleep issues, or simply getting more sleep, are key for this group.

Bottom line is this: no matter your shape, it’s beautiful. That is just the way of it. If you are looking for clues as to the current state of your physiology, body shape can help shed some insight. If you are interested in changing your shape, those clues can lead you to your next step.