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GIVE ME GLUTES Home Program – By Jodie Litzow Personal Trainer

Hello!  I’m Jodie Litzow.  I am a fully qualified personal trainer who specialises in women’s fitness. A lot of women who have physical injuries ask me to train them to become stronger and fitter whilst achieving their personal fitness goals through my knowledge and personal experience.   Some of these injuries are a result from lazy glutes (booty muscles).  Due to my experience coaching women and my own personal experience of ‘activating or switching on’ my glutes, I offer glute based sessions at my private studio for all women who want to build their glutes for aesthetic purposes and for those who need to ‘switch’ on their glutes for functional purposes and injury prevention.  Now I am bringing my training to you!


In addition to the aesthetic benefits, strong, functional Glutes also help:

– avoid/prevent knee pain

– release of lower pack pain

– prevention of lower back injuries

– strengthening of hips

– benefits for runners/weight lifters (did someone say new PB?)

– lift and shape

– minimize cellulite

Are you looking for any of these benefits?



How Does My Program Work?

Ok, so the biggest reason you have tried so hard to activate and build your booty and are going no where is technique!  All those ‘Instagram’ workouts that you see in a quick 30 second clip is not teaching you the correct way to do the exercises.  So I have pre-recorded myself doing each workout for you to do with me.  I take you through each workout step by step, guiding you in the correct technique for each exercise, explaining where and what muscles you should be feeling.  Video’s are accessed via our private Facebook group where you can access them at any time and anywhere.  You can also ask questions for extra coaching from myself personally if you are having trouble with a particular exercise


Who Suits This Program?

Your program is based on in home training with little or no equipment but can also be used with weights and in a gym facility.

– Suited to beginners and those with weight training experience

– For women of all ages, all shapes, all sizes

– The perfect program for those who want lift and shape

– For women who have no booty

– For women who are embarrassed to wear short shorts or bikini’s to the beach due to cellulite

– Women who want to trim and tone up their legs

– Women who need more leg strength for daily activities such as climbing stairs or for their jobs

– Women who are runners and need to switch on their glutes to power them forward and prevent injuries

– People who are time poor and needing a program that is quick, fun and gets results

*****Self paced, technique coaching, no gym equipment required*****


What Are People Saying

“Jodie knows how to make goals achievable and yet very challenging. I’m feeling stronger physically and mentally”

Enjoying and following along as you do. A booty lift…worn skinny jeans first time today”

Really enjoying the workouts, can now really feel that my glutes have been ‘activated’ kicked in after first couple of weeks. I can really feel the burn where I should be when doing the exercises.”

“Jodie is very knowledgeable, teaches us the correct techniques and is always encouraging us”

“Jodie is honest, supportive & full of knowledge. Her encouragement helped me realise how far I can push myself & what I can achieve.”



*8 Weeks* *16 Workouts* For The Price Of One PT Session!

You Will Receive:

– Access to 16x  20 minute booty workout videos.  Even when you have competed the program you can continue to access the workouts after your 8 weeks.

– Printable PDF of your workouts to keep on hand and refer back to

– Online community via our private Facebook group

– Extra coaching, tips, fitness reports, inspirations for your body and mind

– Learn how to make your own weights for training at home


16 x20 minute personal training sessions here at my studio would cost over $600.

But I am leaving the investment cost up to you.

Click on the button below and decide how much you would like to pay.  It is totally up to you.


I Would Like To Pay

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****QUICK NOTE: This is not a weight loss program! This program is designed to activate and strengthen your glute muscles. Weight/fat loss may be possible in conjunction with a well balanced, whole food eating plan that focuses on proteins, carbs and healthy fats for your body along with regular exercise. Every body is different, so your results may vary. Please discuss any decision to begin a fitness or diet program with your healthcare professional.
****Please Note: This program is for your personal use only. This program is not to be shared, copied, and distributed to any other persons for personal or professional use. You are purchasing the GIVE ME GLUTES Home Program for your personal use only. If you have a friend or family member who would like to do the program then they are to purchase their own copy through Jodie Litzow Personal Trainer.