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GIVE ME GLUTES – Booty Building Hervey Bay

This is what the ladies have to say about their training here at our private studio
“Very welcoming atmosphere! Great vibe. Valuable focus on improving technique”
“Jodie is a great trainer who pushes you but also offers great support and encouragement ”
“Love the focus on Technique improvements ”
“It’s challenging 😊 Jodie knows how to make goals achievable and yet very challenging. I m feeling stronger physically and mentally.”
“whilst the training was in a class environment, Jodie shared her time and knowledge by providing one-on-one attention to ensure I had the correct form and technique to get the most out of the training.”

Glute training is not just for aesthetics, but also for strengthening up your glutes so they are working properly and help relieve lower back and knee pain due to weak glutes and also help with prevention of injuries that may occur if they are not functioning properly.