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AVAILABILITY – Hervey Bay Private Personal Training Studio

This is what some of the ladies have been saying about their training here at Jodie Litzow Personal Training Studio.

“Whilst the training was in a class environment(small group pt), Jodie shared her time and knowledge by providing one-on-one attention to ensure I had the correct form and technique to get the most out of the training.”

“Jodie is friendly, approachable, encouraging and supportive to her clients to help them achieve their goals. I highly recommend her to those who don’t want to be in that typical gym environment, which can be quite intimidating. The private studio helps with gaining confidence whilst working towards your fitness goals.”

“Before I started with Jodie I was nervous, I was ashamed of my lack of exercise and lack of commitment to exercise in the past. Once I started with Jodie I was no longer nervous. She never judged me. I feel comfortable in her presence and I keep coming back! I’m now stronger, more confident and mentally enjoying exercise.”

“I’m happier in myself, actually confident in my body-not just aesthetically but I have confidence that it can do what I want or need it to and that it can improve and heal. I feel strong.”

“Achievements I never thought possible, empowering, pushing out of my comfort zone and mental barriers.
I have gain strength, fitness, new muscles I never knew I had & healthier lifestyle.
Thanks Jodie, loving our training sessions!”

If you are looking for a training studio that is private, a trainer that motivates and encourages you, one that has her own health and fitness journey, a trainer that ‘gets it’, a place where you are held accountable and supported in your own journey, then this is the place for you.

At present I have a few date become available.

Please email me at or fill out a contact form for more information.